25+ Free Hulu Accounts – 100% working username & password plus 2020

FREE HULU ACCOUNT || Are you guys tired of searching TV Shows, movies or web series on the internet or torrent? If yes then it is the right time you must upgrade to something new. That thing is HULU. It contains almost all your favourite movies, TV Shows and web series. It is one of the best entertainment services that you have ever seen.

Do you want a Hulu free account? Then read this article till the end. We have lots of free Hulu accounts for you. You just need to be patient and read this article. Don’t skip any part because every part of this article contains important information.

What is HULU?

HULU is an online entertainment service that contains movies, TV shows and web series. It is made just for entertainment. Hulu is one of the best entertainment shows service. It has many movies and shows on it. Hulu provides you access to many movies, TV shows and web series. You can use this service whenever you want. All you need is to take the subscription of its and you can use it wherever you want. You can use a Hulu free account for 30 days. Hulu provides a free trial of 30 days. After the free trial, your premium membership will begin.

hulu free account
Free Premium Account of Hulu by TechGuruHacks

There is no doubt that it is the best entertainment service platform. You can watch Live TV with its Hulu Plus Service. This service allows you access to watch live channels like HBO, ESPN, Cinemax, Showtime Starz, and many more live TVs in only one account. Isn’t it amazing? Tell us in the comment section about what do you think of this service? You want a Hulu free account then read this article till the end.


You must know about Hulu’s subscriptions before you’re going to purchase its subscription. Because it will help you to decide on a suitable plan that’s good for your budget. It has many streaming plans. Some are cheap and some are very costly. Now, it depends upon you that which plan you need to entertain yourself. Choose wisely so that you won’t have to complain then.

Hulu (No Ads)

In the Ad-free plan, you can watch your favourite movies, TV Shows and web series without any ads interruption.

Get First Month Free
$11.99/Month after the trial



This is a Limited Time offer!

$1.99/Month for 12 months.
then $5.99/Month


Hulu + Live TV

In this plan, you will have access to all the shows of Hulu and as well as more than 60 live channels access.

Get First Week Free
$44.99/Month after free trial



If you want a Hulu free account then you must have to follow the methods that we have given below. You need to follow all the steps carefully. Only then you will be able to get a Hulu free account. These are just simple steps, all you need is to pay some attention to those methods and then you’re ready to get a free premium account of Hulu for 30 days.

To get a Hulu free account you have to follow the steps that are given below. These all the steps are important and must be done in order to get a free premium account of Hulu for 30 days. Take a look at those steps and understand them clearly so that you won’t face any errors while making a free Hulu premium account.

Steps to get Hulu free account with credit card:

♦ First, visit the Hulu official website.

Then this type of interface will come on your screen.

Start Hulu Free Trial – TechGuruHacks

Click on “start free trial”. This will appear on your screen after that.

hulu premium accounts free
Hulu Subscription Plans – TechGuruHacks

Now, select the plan according to your own choice and click on “select”.

hulu free account
Hulu Signup page – TechGuruHacks

Continue Signup with Facebook if you want to. 

Enter your Email and password. After that, fill your Date of Birth and gender and click on “continue”.

Now, enter your Credit/Debit information and you’re ready then to use your account free for 30 days.

Yes, there are some methods by which you can get a Hulu free account without using a credit/debit card. It means that you don’t need to use your credit/debit while on the payment page. Now, you guys might be thinking that if we don’t use credit/debit at the payment page then how to take the trial of Hulu? Well, you will get the answer when you will learn the method.


When you will go to the payment page of Hulu then you will see two options of payment there. One is of credit/debit and the other is of Express Options. You have to click on Express Options and then you will see PayPal there. Yes, it is the PayPal that you have to choose as the payment method instead of credit/debit.

paypal payment method in hulu
Paypal Payment method in Hulu – TechGuruHacks

After choosing PayPal as a payment method, you will be redirected to PayPal page where you will have to log in with your PayPal credentials. If you don’t have a PayPal account then don’t worry you can create a new one. And after creating the Paypal account, you can pay via that. Isn’t it amazing? Tell us in the comment section.


This is the most famous trick worldwide. You can claim a Hulu free account using VCC. Now, you guys might be wondering that what is VCC? For your information, VCC is known as Virtual Credit Card. This is the virtual card that works like an original credit card. You can do all the activities via Virtual Credit Card as you do with your original credit card. You can load money in your Virtual Credit Card and can do shopping on whichever website you want.

Just like you can claim a Hulu free trial using your original credit/debit card, you can claim that with the Virtual Credit Card as well. Using a virtual credit card for free trial is 100% risk-free than using the original credit/debit card. Because in the original credit/debit card, you have a fear of auto-charge from the streaming service but in the case with a virtual credit card, you don’t have to worry about anything. If you won’t cancel the free trial subscription, there is no fear of getting auto-charged because there will no balance in your virtual credit card.

Virtual credit card is the safest and famous method of claiming free trials of any streaming service without any risk. In this, there is no need for adding money, no fear of being auto-charged, and many more benefits.


You can get Hulu Plus membership for free. Yes, it is possible to get Hulu Plus for free. You just need to have a Credit/Debit card. Now, you guys might be wondering that if we use our own credit/debit then we will be charged for that. Well, let us explain to you guys that, Hulu provides 30 days of risk-free trial. Which means that you can use Hulu free for 30 days without paying any money.

In the free trial, you will have access to all its premium features without any restrictions. Before the trial ends, you will be notified 3 days before the trial ends. You can cancel your subscription to save your card from being charged automatically. Isn’t it amazing? Tell us in the comment section.

This is how you can get a Hulu Plus Account for free. All you need to enter your card information and you’re ready to use Hulu Plus free for 30 days. Remember that you need to cancel your subscription before the trial ends. Otherwise, you will be charged if in case you don’t cancel the subscription.


This is the most asked question by the users that are new and claim Hulu free trial with their own credit cards. As you guys know that if you’re using Hulu free trial account with your own credit/debit card then you must need to cancel the trial subscription before it charges you. Some people stuck on thinking that how to cancel the subscription? That’s why we have written this paragraph and it is especially for those who don’t know how to cancel Hulu subscription?

To cancel Hulu Subscription, you need to follow the steps that are given below. Follow them carefully and you will be able to cancel Hulu Subscription easily in a few steps:

  1. Go to Hulu’s Official website. 
  2. Login your account and go to the accounts section.
  3. There you will see an option of “subscription”, click on it.
  4. Now, there will be an option of “cancel subscription”, click on it. 
  5. BOOM! Now you successfully have cancelled the subscription.


Here we have a list of some free premium accounts of Hulu. These accounts are created by us with the help of some tricks. Grab them before they’re gone. Because there will be many guys out there who’d be waiting for these accounts. You have to be very quick than others to claim those accounts. These free premium accounts of Hulu are working and have full access to the premium features of Hulu. So, without wasting time, you must start grabbing those accounts.

List Of Hulu Premium Accounts With Their Passwords:

1. Explicit.contents.poster@mail.com V3n0m3xploit
2. mungfali.ka.dana@outlook.com LauraLassan99
3. Th3.purg3.1n.th3.c1ty@gmail.com Y4h00Mail1sh1t
4. mistake.maker.urge@gmail.com UrgeToPurge
5. Mobilic.thunder044@outlook.com theblunder
6. homiedelapenis@bestmailgen.com Homiedelapenis
7. bitch.ass.mufkr@email.com Skmyd1ck
8. kore.winner.a55h0l3@bestmailgen.com A55hol3
9. ashwhenitrains@gmail.com TechGuruHacks
10. premium.fake.mentors00944@gmail.com th3c00k

We are not responsible if the accounts’ emails and passwords are changed. If you get any errors while logging in, check if the details you’re filling, are correct or not. If correct and not getting access then better luck next time. 

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