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FREE CHEGG ACCOUNT || Are you guys tired of buying a lot of books from the bookstore? You probably hate this. Isn’t it? Yes, it is. Well, you’re not the one who hates this, almost every student hates this. They don’t want to buy those tons of books. They just want a source that can help them at the right time whenever they need them. So, if you’re facing the same situation then it’s the time you must say goodbye to those tons of books and upgrade to Chegg. Yes, it is Chegg who can help you with your studies whenever you need it. You can get a free Chegg account very easily. All you need to follow the steps that we have mentioned in this article and you will successfully be able to get a free Chegg account.


Chegg is an online American Education Technology service that helps students in getting every type of solution they need to get about their studies. It is based in Santa Clara, California. With the help of Chegg, students can get help with notes via its premium account. If you have a Chegg premium account then you no longer need to buy a ton of books from any bookstore. All you need is to search on Chegg about the topic and you can get the answers on your screen. Isn’t it amazing? Let us know in the comment section.  Having a Chegg premium account makes you self dependent. This means that you don’t need to ask your teacher again and again about any topic that you don’t understand. You just need to open your Chegg account and you can get a solution to your problem in a few seconds. You can get many video tutorials as a solution to your problem and many more interesting things that will surprise you. Do you need a free Chegg account? If yes, then read this article carefully. Don’t miss any step.


free chegg accounts
Chegg Features – TechGuruHacks
There are many features of Chegg. It offers you many good features that you will like. Those features are useful for every student in this world. Here below, we have listed some great features of Chegg. We hope that you guys will surely like those features:
  • With Chegg, you can have access to all its premium content. You can get any type of notes, math problems’ solutions, any project details, and many more great features. 
  • Chegg provides you with any book on rent. This means that if the price of the book is $15 then you can get it on the rent at a low price of about $1. This is an amazing feature for students who can’t afford costly books. They can take any book they need on rent and continue their studies. No need to go to the store or ask someone for borrowing his/her books. In just a few simple steps with Chegg, you can have your desired book in your hands at an affordable price.
  • Chegg offers 7 days of a free trial period. You can avail of this trial for 7 days without any restrictions. It means that you can get a free Chegg account for 7 days without paying any money. During the trial period, you will have access to all its features. There will be no restrictions on any content, books or anything that is helpful for you. This free trial of 7 days will help you to understand the features and content of the Chegg. 
  • It provides you, 24/7 customer, support. You can ask customer support if you are facing any problems with your account.


Chegg subscription will cost you $14.95/Month. You will be charged monthly at the same time you bought its subscription. You will be charged regularly at the billing date until you cancel the subscription. 


To cancel the Chegg subscription, you need to go to the chegg.com. There you will see an option of Chegg Study under the Subscription box. Then you will see an option of Cancel Subscription there. Click on it and you will be redirected to a new window where they will ask you that why are you cancelling your subscription? Select any reason and go on. Finally, your subscription will be cancelled.


If you want a refund after cancelling the subscription then you have to bear these things in mind:
  • Make sure that you have returned the books before 21 days of the subscription date. 
  • You need to drop those books off to the UPS within 21 days of ordering.


It’s the time we must talk about the free Chegg Accounts. In this paragraph, we will talk about getting free Chegg Accounts only. We have some rare methods and with the help of those methods, you can get a free Chegg account. You don’t need to use any kind of special software or any other kind of special thing to get a free Chegg account. You just need to have a real method that works to get a free Chegg account and fortunately, we have all those methods by which you can get a lot of free Chegg accounts. Just follow the steps that we have mentioned below and you will be able to get a Chegg premium account for free.


You can get a Chegg free account as the Chegg offers a free trial of 7 days. You can avail that trial via making new-new accounts again and again. This free trial doesn’t need any kind of money, you just need to enter your email and password and you’re ready to use Chegg for free for days without paying any money. Now, you guys might be wondering that how can we make new-new email accounts again and again? Well, we have a website that provides you with unlimited temp-emails at any time you want. You just need to visit the website and need to enter your desired name email and then you’re ready to use that email wherever you want to.

Steps To create a free Chegg Trial Account:

1. Visit this Temp Email website.

chegg free premium
Temp Email Website – TechGuruHacks

2. Now, enter your desired email name as filled in the image.

3. After this, click on Create and then you’re ready to use this temp-email whenever you want.

chegg study free trail
Chegg Free Trial – TechGuruHacks

4. Now, you need to go to Chegg.com. Click on “create an account“.

5. Enter the email which you just created on the temp-email website. Enter the password and fill all the formalities that they ask and then click on “Create Account“.

chegg free trial
Chegg free trial – TechGuruHacks

6. BOOM! You got your Chegg free account for 7 days at no cost.

chegg free account
Chegg Free Trial Account – TechGuruHacks
free chegg trial
Chegg Trial Email from Chegg


To get a Chegg Study Free Account, you need to follow the same steps that we have told above. There is no additional method for getting the Chegg study account for free. You need to follow the same steps that are given above. Go to the temp-email website and generate a temp-email name according to your own choice. Then after creating the temp-email, you have to go to the official website of the Chegg. Now, click on “Create a new account” and fill the email that you just created, now, enter the password and fill all the formalities like “student or parent”, university name and semester. After you’re done with those formalities, click on “create account”. Now, you have finally created a Chegg Study free account. This account will last for 7 days.


Here we have a list of some Chegg premium accounts with their passwords. These accounts are working and free of cost for you. Check the accounts and login to them and use them whenever you want. Grab these accounts quickly and if you got one account then don’t forget to comment down in the comment box.
murtu.pooh@gmail.com murtaza95
ajrk1985@gmail.com ivypoison
pratitshetty@gmail.com 1ga05ec073
pratik.nalawade@gmail.com secretbfg10k
prashu.strike@gmail.com t90shoot
pkgald@yahoo.co.in sarbani6953
pradjhun@live.com wipinfo1v
jc.matts@gmail.com starryeyed
pawardennis7@gmail.com Dennnis@1
neil.affonso@gmail.com Neil1980

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